Algarve is one of the southern-most European countries covering over 5000 square kilometers of area. Tourism is prevalent in Algarve as it makes up most of the summer economy. During peak holiday seasons, the population tends to triple by seasonal residents from neighboring countries who have their own properties in the area. Many visitors enjoy visiting the splendor of the climate, safety, low prices and especially, Portuguese beaches.
The beaches in Algarve are known for their beauty as they are surrounded by limestone cliffs constantly crashing with waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The rough terrains contrasting with the smooth waters are part of the charm that make the beaches so well loved by visitors! Even if you are not someone who enjoys basking in the sunlight, there is something for everyone, such as hiking trails and great swimming spots!
Marinha Beach is somewhat in a secluded location that must be reached by going down steps of a cliff. It is located around 9km away from Carvoeiro and is also at a drivable distance from Lagoa (7km), Ferragudo (13km) and Armacao de Pera (10km). It is a 30 min. drive away from Albufeira and also features a large parking lot, so driving or renting a car to the beach is a viable option.
Michelin Guide described Marinha as one of the "Top 10 Beautiful European Beaches" and the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment gave this main symbol of the Algarve coast the "Golden Beach Award." Home to many rock formations, orangey brown colors, small crowds and soft sands, this beach is ideal for couples, families or photographers. Additionally, if visitors are interested in going on boat tours, many boat trips begin from Marinha and paddle boats are always available. This beach is long enough for visitors to wander for hours and is mainly famous for its two arches.
There is a restaurant near the bottom of the beach with a variety of Portuguese classics such as egg tarts, piri-piri chicken and caldo verde (national soup). A few minutes walk back up the hill will lead tourists to the famous restaurants, O Algar and Brisa Do Mar.
There are not a lot of hotels nearby the Marinha beach, but the Suites Alba Resort and Spa, owned by International Football Player Luis Figo, is one of the few in the area that ideal for both couples and families. Situated at the top of a cliff providing stunning views, there is immediate access to Algarve beaches from this hotel. Because of its private and romantic settings such as a bar, fitness center and spa, it is perfect for couples, but the easy access to beaches and child facilities like a playground and pool, also makes it suitable for family vacations as well.
Carvoeiro Beach is the main beach of Algarve and is in the center of an old fishing village. It is fairly close to Algar Seco (around 45 minutes from the airport) which is a nature site filled with grottos, a blowhole, rock formations and fantastic views.