Phuket is a South Thailand Province, that consists of Phuket (the island) and 32 smaller islands off the coast. Due to its location, Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate and can be dangerous to visit during the months of May to October. The best times to visit are during November to February when it is cooler and drier.
Your beach trips to Phuket can be upgraded with some accessories and equipment, if you desire so. You can choose to rent beach chairs, umbrellas, and tables for 200 Baht a day, or rent jet skis, snorkeling equipment and go parasailing for around 800 Baht per person. Known for the clear, white sand beaches and cool breezes, Phuket is the perfect beach destination for the sun-seekers. Although the "best" beach is subjective and based off of personal interests.
Freedom Beach is a secret hideaway that ensures privacy because of its secluded nature. Even though it is difficult to get to the location (you must walk through a jungle or take a small boat to reach it), it is definitely worth the trek.
Its quaint size of being 300m long makes it seem like an isolated beach, and visitors always comment on the refreshing feel of the crisp air, clear sea and thick green bushes that line the beach. Since Freedom Beach is private, there are no local or corporate dining establishments nearby. However, there is a family owned cafe directly on the beach that serves a variety of food, drinks and wine. Travelers are encouraged to bring their own food and snacks, or perhaps pack a picnic for an enjoyable afternoon!
Kata and Kata Noi are sister beaches, close to the west coast of Phuket, that can only be reached by boat. Kata Beach runs around 1.5 km long while Kata Noi (literally meaning little Kata) is beside at only 700m. Kata beach is near to Kata Centre, a central hub featuring plenty of stalls and street vendors.
At Kata beach, you will never have to worry about finding a private and secluded location as it is big enough for you to find a private place away from the crowd. There are plenty of adventure packages available, and the clear waters and small waves make Kata Beach ideal for snorkeling and surfing. Kata Noi, on the other hand, is much quieter and smaller than Kata Beach itself, providing a private island feel.
Kata Beach has no tall buildings around, giving a perfect view of the scenery and enough shade from the palm trees to cool down while sunbathing. There are no restaurants or bars on the beach itself but there are many on the hills behind, that are within walking distance, and have great views of the region as a whole. Visitors will find a wide array of dining options, from budget street food to fine dining restaurants depending on their preferences. There also a variety of souvenir shops, marts and fashion stores to browse through.
At the southern end of Patong Beach, the water isn't as clear, but there is a small fishing village in the south where water activities can be played with. For the adventurers, it is cheap to rent jet skis, para-sails and snorkeling equipment! There is no parking space available so you will need to get to Patong Beach ideally by walking or taking a taxi. At the center of Patong beach is a central location that is convenient for exploring nearby beaches as well. Near the northern edges of the coast, it is quieter with less people.
Patong is the most popular tourist area in Phuket and also known as Asia's best nightlife. Patong means "the forest filled with banana leaves". It has become popular because of the large amount of crowds it attracts; depending on whether or not you enjoy crowds will determine if Patong is worth the hype in your eyes. Since Patong is the main tourist hub of Phuket, plenty of restaurants can be found around the area. Because it is such a cosmopolitan place, it attracts visitors from around the world and offers a diverse selection of choices for food.
Dining in Patong ranges from street carts selling kebabs and sticky rice to award-winning fine dining restaurants. There are also Thai food courts that provide the best of both worlds, middle budget food with relaxing ambiance. We recommend trying local Thai favorites such as green curry and Pad Thai for an authentic taste adventure!