There are many relaxing activities for you to do in Aosta Valley if you are looking to find your inner peace. The first calming thing you will notice when stepping onto the land is the hospitality of the locals and the beautiful landscapes that are just begging for you to admire. The stunning nature creates the perfect scenery to go for a walk, play outdoor sports or do whatever your heart desires! One thing you may notice about Aosta Valley is the large abundance of spas that are just around every corner!
Even though the springs have been discovered since Ancient Roman times, the actual use of the waters began in the 1600's. They were used when foreigners first came to the Alpine basin to take waters, but today, the spa is a place for people to relax. This thermal spa overlooks the astonishing Mont Blanc and features whirlpool baths, underwater music, themed saunas, wooden chalets, steam baths, aromatherapy rooms and more!
There is even an underground corridor that connects the spa to the Ancient Casino Building that focuses strictly on mud-mast treatments. The treatments and massages are available all day and guests can drop in and out of session of relaxation techniques depending on what they desire!
Thermal pools are fantastic to unwind as it's super relaxing dipping into their warm water while basking on the panoramic views of the mountain. During the day, you can even opt to participate in some organized sauna and steam bath events. These will teach you about relaxation techniques and exercises for you to practice when you are back home!

Saint Vincent Thermal Water was discovered in the 1700s and approved by a doctor to provide therapeutic virtues, making it a popular and famous spot for mineral water collecting. The water is collected, analysed and then distributed to a building that opens to many rooms, labs and a terrace. This water is known to help those with stomach, intestine and liver diseases. There are several mineral drinking treatments available.